One of our new venues…

jade_bar_renovationThe Joe Costello Syndicate just started playing in the newly renovated Jade Bar at the Sanctuary Resort & Spa on Camelback.  The reception was so amazing, we have landed steady Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons there throughout the months of February and March.  I’m sure once we all have time to look further ahead,we’ll be booked into April, May, June and onward.


Please come and check out this new amazing venue…it is simply stunning!!  The “Sunday Funday” events are incredible and the atmosphere on the patio is nothing short of spectacular!

Here is the current schedule:


  • The Joe Costello Syndicate Feb. 23rd from 4-7PM (outside patio)
  • The Joe Costello Syndicate March 1st from 8-11PM (in The View Ballroom for a Raven “Saturday Night Rendezvous” event)
  • The Joe Costello Syndicate March 15th from 7-10PM (outside patio)
  • The Joe Costello Syndicate March 23rd from 4-7PM (outside patio)
  • The Joe Costello Syndicate March 29th from 7-10PM (outside patio)

We look forward to seeing you there!!!

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