The Band

The Joe Costello Syndicate consists of extremely competent musicians who pride ourselves on the ability to blend into any musical situation.

Our leader, Joe Costello, is one of the busiest drummers in the valley. Joe stays busy with a heavy regional live performance schedule, touring to other parts of the country, recording drum/percussion tracks for various artists and giving back through his clinics. When he is not out touring, he leads this band and also runs his own jazz group, The Joe Costello Project.

In addition to his time spent behind the kit, Joe runs Onstage Entertainment Group, which books concerts, events and music for a variety of venues and bands.

Joe has also performed with well-known organist Papa John DeFrancesco, Joey DeFrancesco, Johnny DeFrancesco, Damon Johnson (guitarist/vocalist for Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, Brother Cane, Black Star Riders), , Kenny Passarelli (bassist for Joe Walsh, The James Gang, Elton John), Francine Reed (backup vocalist with Lyle Lovett), Eddie Turner, Kara Hesse and Kevin Miso.

Andy Galore has been with The Syndicate for since 2018 holding down the ever so important bottom end of the band…the foundation. He has integral part of the new sound and feel of the band.

He has worked extensively throughout the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, performing with key players at festivals including Umbria, North Sea, New Orleans and Istanbul and at venues worldwide including House of Blues and Blue Note.

Galore plays in New York City as often as he can with his band and also gives private lessons. Galore received the Billy Sheehan Scholarship Award at Bass Institute of Technology and the First Prize Scholarship Award from the American Institute of Music – Vienna, Austria.

Our guitarist, arranger and musical director James Rudolph, keeps a busy gigging schedule here in Arizona plus teaching when possible. He also continues to travel back and forth to LA, to perform various club dates from time to time.

James private instructors have included Barry Zweig, Jeff Richman, John Pisano, and Larry Koonse.  James continues to collect a variety of teachers and mentors.

With the extreme shortage of worthy and talented keyboardist in Arizona, we have taken the approach of having our short list of players, learn our material and vibe and book them based on their gigging and touring schedule.

Our music is demanding and there are only a handful of players that we can call upon, to deliver the performance we expect. Because our music is fun and challenging and the band is run like a well-oiled machine, when the phone rings and it’s us calling about a gig, it’s easy to get the best to say “Yes!”

Our lead female and male singers are carefully chosen from our short list based on the event we are asked to perform and the repertoire required to give the best performance possible.

We have a short list of performers in Arizona that we call upon who are eager to perform with us. Imagine hearing the songs at your event performed by the appropriate singer to pull-off the right sound and look such as a pop song by P!NK or a R&B song by Luther Vandross or a rock song by Steve Perry from Journey.

It’s important to us that the songs are performed as close to the record as possible in every way and that also includes having them sung by a singer who comes close to looking the part and sounding extremely close vocally.

Our horn section is made up of trumpet, sax and trombone and they are killin’ Our charts are personally made of us by our MD, Jame Rudolph and we make sure that we can add horns lines and hits to any song we feel can be taken to a new level with our own flair, without straying too far from the original.

It goes without saying, the songs we do perform that had horns on the original recording, both James and the horn section make sure not a note was misplace or missed.

Our horn section is made of of the top in-demand horn players in Arizona and they love playing in this band as you can see by their smiles on stage and occasionally, a dance more or two during the performance.

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