The Band

The Joe Costello Syndicate consists of extremely competent musicians who pride ourselves on the ability to blend into any musical situation.

Joe Is GratefulOur leader, Joe Costello, is one of the busiest drummers in the valley.  He has performed with Francine Reed, Margo Reed, Michael Reed and various events around town.  Joe currently drums for The Papa John DeFrancesco Quartet.  When he is not out touring, he leads this band and also runs his own jazz group, The Joe Costello Project.

Kaufee 3Our lead singer is Kaufee Johnson who has a musical depth unlike many singers. She can sing jazz standards from the 40’s and 50’s and turn around and perform the latest tune by one of today’s pop stars. She has a knack for getting the crowd involved and her glowing personality sets the stage for each and every performance.

Mike Ozuna 3Our guitarist Mike Ozuna has been a major force on the Arizona music scene for many years.  He is always in demand and balances a full playing schedule with family life.  He is extremely versatile and can adapt to any style of music from extreme bebop to funk & pop.  He plays just what the song requires and when it comes to solo, look out!!

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson handles all the various keyboard sounds need to cover our large song list plus he is right there with the backup vocals when needed.  Matt has played and has taught keys in the valley for quite some time.  He is extremely energetic on stage and the look on his face shows he is always having a great time. As you can see by this photo, he loves to joke around.

Scott Miner

Our bassist, Scott Miner, is a graduate of North Texas State University which has one of the best music programs in the nation. His versatility in all styles of music from jazz to pop, allows the band to cover a lot of genres without hesitation. Scott lays down a deep thumping groove that will surely keep the dance floor packed.

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