The Band

The Joe Costello Syndicate consists of extremely competent musicians who pride ourselves on the ability to blend into any musical situation.

Joe Is GratefulOur leader, Joe Costello, is one of the busiest drummers in the valley.  He has performed with Francine Reed, Margo Reed, Michael Reed at various events around town.  Joe currently drums for The Papa John DeFrancesco Quartet. When he is not out touring, he leads this band and also runs his own jazz group, The Joe Costello Project.

Kaufee 3Our lead singer is Kaufee Johnson who has a musical depth unlike many singers. She can sing jazz standards from the 40’s and 50’s and turn around and perform the latest tune by one of today’s pop stars. She has a knack for getting the crowd involved and her glowing personality sets the stage for each and every performance.

2Our guitarist Darren Casagrande has been a major force on the Arizona music scene for many years.  He is always in demand and balances a full playing schedule with a heavy teaching schedule. He is extremely versatile and can adapt to any style of music from extreme bebop to funk & pop. He plays just what the song requires and when it comes to solo, look out!!

Anthony Cowen

Anthony Cowan handles all the various keyboard sounds need to cover our large song list plus he is right there with the backup vocals when needed.  Anthony has played throughout the valley with various artists and is active playing at his church.  His sincere love for music and making people happy comes across even with his quite demeanor.

Rob Wren photo

Rob started his music career in Southern California, playing trombone in college and professionally, and later becoming heavily involved in music technology as the Director of Multimedia Development for the leading music education publisher Alfred Publishing Co.  In recent years, Rob has shifted his focus to performing on electric bass, and has become highly in-demand in the Phoenix jazz and pop scenes. Rob brings to the Syndicate his three Ts of bass playing; Time, Taste, and Tone.

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